creative endeavors of Judy Tilley

Today is the first day of the rest of my life….

The journey has already started. This blog begins today September 1, 2010. On September 20, my husband Tony and I will fly to Las Vegas on Southwest Airlines flight 871 departing from SeaTac at 9:50am. I chose Southwest Airlines because of their free baggage (limit 2 bags) and their excellent safety record. Upon arrival in Las Vegas, we will rent a Ford Escape 4×4 from Dollar Car Rentals to take us away from the dizzying glitter of this desert metro area into the backroads and lonely highways where the real excitement is.

During the past several months I have researched where and when to photograph, where we will stay, road conditions, all the logistics of traveling through Eastern Nevada and Southern Utah. Twenty-two days of driving interstates, scenic byways and four wheel drive roads that may be washed out. There was lots of planning to be sure but we will allow serendipity along for the ride.

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