creative endeavors of Judy Tilley


This blog has been created to share my creative journeys with others. The main emphasis will be on photography and travel. But, my first love has always been illustration so occasionally I will post a drawing of one of my photos or a subject inspired by the print or web media.

It is a gift and a curse to be gifted with the ability to draw. A gift because I can observe the world in a way others can’t. A curse because I expect it to open doors that may be impossible. At this point in my life, I draw because I can venture into a world where I am the only inhabitant. A world where the blooms of an exotic plant can be red, orange, or any combination from the infinite color wheel.

But drawing can be insular and insulating so I rely on photography to bring me to the world and the world to me. It is a lovely planet we live on. It is a shame not to really “see” it through a viewfinder. When I look through the camera and lens, I am seeing only a narrow vision of a landscape. Arriving at a location either by planning or happenstance, the first thing I do is walk around, scoping up and down, side to side, back and forth, seeking the small detail or the big picture.

This is not a diary so entries will be sporadic and random. I hope to learn much about myself, the art/techniques of illustration and photography, our planet and in turn, teach others.

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